Our mission to open the benefits of skateboarding to everyone is achieved by directing our efforts into five areas of action:

Providing gear, growing infrastructure, building community, raising funds, and facilitating partnerships.

Skateboard Angel

Skateboard Angel is our formative charitable program. Every dollar donated to this project goes directly toward providing gear for kids in need. To date, over $250,000 worth of brand new, high quality skateboards have been donated to children across dozens of communities.


Safe Spots & Parks

Having safe places to skate nourishes children's continued interest in skateboarding by providing a shared meeting place to hang out and learn together. We envision a future in which every neighborhood has an accessible safe spot for kids to skate and meet friends.


We work with community leaders, cities, businesses, and other organizations to come together in order to co-create initiatives that strengthen the communities we serve. With this method, our efforts are responsive to the unique needs of each individual project.



We understand that financial sustainability is crucial for every mission-driven organization. In addition to seeking grants and philanthropic giving, we keep our work viable by generating proceeds through fundraising events and product sales.


With our faith in the power of community, we strongly believe in working collaboratively with organizations who share our vision. Working together, we can achieve mutual goals. It is in this spirit that we have partnered with over 60 organizations in our first four years. 

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