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Rides for the Res - Gila River (D5)

We are happy to share a record-breaking success for our Skateboard Angel program, and for the Gila River Indian Community! Our Skateboard Angel distribution events open the door to skateboarding by providing professional-grade equipment and instruction to communities throughout the nation! Additionally, we envision a world where skate spots are in every city, state, district, and land. That is why we work with community leaders to strategize and develop solutions for the areas that they represent.

With the help of Governor Stephen Roe Lewis and our friends at Seven Layer Army, our Rides for the Res program introduced the social and mental health benefits of skateboarding to over 125+ families in the Gila River Indian Community!

Additionally, with the help of Josh Hawkins Build Co. (@hawkinsbuildco) and Gila River artist Zachary Justin, we created the first legal skate spot in District 5. Prior to the miniramp donation, the closest skatepark would be 20 minutes away in any direction; and with no public transportation route in service to take skaters to and from the skateparks.

“Something finally being built to skate in D5 was a long time coming thanks to Cowtown S.K.A.T.E. Nonprofit.” -Reuben Ringlero, Seven Layer Army

Skate spots are integral to skateboarding because they provide a setting to learn, improve, and mentor from a vast spectrum of styles, skills, and backgrounds. Skate spots are to skateboarding as infrastructure is to architecture -- they rely on each other!

... And so long as architecture exists, skateboarders will continue to apply a creative approach to skate it! That is why we work with communities to eliminate the stigma that skateboarding can be contained, excluded, or prohibited; instead, we aim to reach a point of inclusion with our officials and representatives.

Our mission is to fortify communities by providing families quality skateboarding resources.

By donations made through our Skateboard Angel program, we are able to introduce & teach skateboarding to communities around the world. We work with leaders, agencies, & appointed officials to build skate spots in those communities. By partnering with businesses & other like-minded organizations to sponsor events like this, we are creating spaces where our youth feel like they belong to the community that represents them.

Thank you to the Gila River Indian Community (@gilariver) for welcoming us!

Thank you to Yeti (@yeti) and Skatelite (@skatelite) for sponsoring the event!

Thank you Seven Layer Army(@sevenlayerarmy), Worble(@w0rble), and Freedome(@freedometoskate) for donating additional skateboards to support this event!

Video produced by Danny Upshaw (@unheard.harmony)


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