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Skateboard Angel 2022

Thank you for making our Skateboard Angel Program a huge success!

In 2022, we expanded our program nationwide, adding 32 community-driven skateshops in over 30 cities across the country, as well as their local beneficiaries. Collectively we were able to give 1,138 complete skateboards to deserving youth in over 45 communities!

We’re grateful for the trust and support the skateboarding community has given us at Cowtown S.K.A.T.E. Big thanks to all the skateshops, generous businesses, and every Skateboard Angel around the country who gave donations to kids in need. Without your gifts, many of these kids may never have had the chance to experience the positive impact that skateboarding provides.

We are also happy to share that being a Skateboard Angel isn’t just for Holidays anymore, the program is now accepting donations year-round! Visit our Angels page for more info.


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