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Sunshine Acres 2024

Thank you to Sunshine Acres for welcoming us once again to celebrate the joy of skateboarding in your community.

Our Skateboard Angel Program not only brings smiles to children's faces, but it also fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment within the community. The event was a true celebration of skateboarding culture, featuring music played by DJ Goth (and Sunshine Acres' own future beatmakers)! Thank you for kindly showing the curious kiddos how to make music through a midi controller.

After stretching & skating, we were thrilled by a remarkable demo put on by some of Arizona's finest skaters. And let's not forget the delicious pizza slices that fueled the excitement throughout the day!

A special shout out to Cowtown Skateboards & our dedicated team of volunteers who generously gave their time, expertise, and careful attention to make this event as successful as possible. Your hard work and passion truly made it an unforgettable event!

We are also immensely grateful to Dawn Drake for securing 25 skateboards through ASU's Changemaker Grant Program. A total of 45 skateboards, along with 15 helmets, were given to the Sunshine Acres family, spreading the joy of skateboarding to more children than ever before!

If you love what we do and believe in our mission, please donate to the cause!

Video produced & edited by @brianmasterson


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