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Boardz & Arrowz Exhibition of Indigenous Artists

The Boardz & Arrowz exhibition, held at ArtSpace West, was something like no other. The feel of community was so strong, even randoms passing through were overwhelmed with love.

“This exhibition/fundraiser is a fine example of the power in our Native and SK8 communities. Even with all our individual struggles we stand up and unite to help each other.” - Jacob Meders

All artist’ boards were up for auction online and OVER $8,500 has been raised!!!! All proceeds have been donated to the GuVo Tohono O’odham Skate Park mission!

Huge thanks to everyone that came out to show their support for this Exhibition.


Damian Jim • Joseph H. Seymour, Jr. • Randy Kemp • Raven Kemp • Rykelle Kemp Dustin Lopez • Jacob Meders • Felicia Gabaldon • Lalo Cota • James Johnson • Edgar Fernandez • Doug Miles • Paul Molina • Di’orr Greenwood • Allen Lewis • Amber Moristo • Angelo Cortez • Danny Upshaw • Darrell Justin • Heidi K. Brandow • Ira Lujan • Jeremy Singer • Jessie Yazzie • Jupiter 4 • Mitchell Cruz • Nick Arroy • Piersten Doctor • Sophia Villapando • Tiffany Enos • Zachary Justin • Mateo Romero

In ongoing efforts to raise money for the GuVo Tohono O’odham Skate Park, proceeds from the LTD Jacob Meders ‘Creator is Woman’ Deck will be donated to the mission. If that wasn't reason enough, the deck also comes with a signed & numbered print!!! CLICK HERE to claim yours now.

Words/Video/Photos byTim Vasquez


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