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'PHX HAM' Memorial Photo Showcase

In light of our beloved friend Joe Hammeke, ‘PHX HAM’ was a Memorial Photo Showcase of his amazing work throughout the years. Friends, family, skateboarding and life as seen through Joe’s lens.

In honor of Joe, Jessica Hammeke wanted to give back to the skate community. How? Well it’s a big one.. Joe always had two sets of camera gear, short reason being that "There’s no excuse to miss a shot." So to give back, Jessica passed one of these sets along!

Kyle Catchpole, a fellow skateboarder/photographer, was blessed with this amazing gesture & photo kit. Congrats Kyle!

Prints of Joe’s work were available for purchase at the venue & over $4,500 was raised! All proceeds were given directly to Hammeke’s Family.

If you didn't make it to the event, there's still a chance to get limited prints! CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW

Huge thanks to the Hammeke Family, Thrasher and Vans for making this show possible.

Write up/Video by Tim Vasquez.

Photos by Carlos Monge.


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