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Boards for the Barrio, Solano Park

We had another great turnout for one of our signature Skateboard Trade-Up events this past Friday! Boards for the Barrio at Solano Park in Central Phoenix served over 200 kids in need!

The way the program works is kids with used boards who are ready for new ones are able to come and exchange theirs for a brand new setup, and then their used equipment is handed out to kids who are ready to start skating, but didn’t have a skateboard to begin with. This method maximizes impact, as it doubles as a resource drive as well as a giveaway, which ensures resources are distributed based on need!

We also brought pizza and a DJ, as well as some portable skate obstacles for the kids to ride around on. That way kids were able to try out their new gear and start to get a feel for what it will be like once the Solano Skatepark is built right there in their own neighborhood!


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