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Desert West Skatepark Gets New Paint, THANKS VOLUNTEERS

Desert West was in need of a makeover badly and with the help of some amazing artists/volunteers it got one!

We all know and skate D-West but sometimes we forget the park needs TLC too. Luckily @lalocota stepped up to the plate and helped organize a group of artists willing to donate their time and energy painting the park. Park locals also joined in to paint and fix up cracks!

The skateboarding community never ceases to amaze us here at Cowtown S.K.A.T.E.! We would like to thank everyone that volunteered their time and effort to clean up the park.

Shout out @tatocaraveo @phoenixvegancita @coltonbrock @ruby.da.ch3rry @poundingthenail @abombtheartist @mdmaq @___penny_cire_ & @urielceratti just to name a few.


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