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Mitchell Park Phase II

We are very excited to unveil Phase II of the Mitchel Park S.K.A.T.E. Spot!

This project was a collaborative effort with the City of Tempe, spearheaded by our friends at Skate After School, built and installed by our friends at Hawkins Build Co., and made possible with funding from Cowtown S.K.A.T.E. thanks to you, our donors!

We believe that the future of skateboarding infrastructure needs to include smaller amenities at every neighborhood park, making skateboarding more accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level or zip code.

Mitchell Park serves as a great proof-of-concept, and it gets used by skateboarders of all experience levels on a daily basis. The excitement around this type of skateboarding infrastructure can be seen by the overwhelmingly positive comments on our Instagram video featuring the new Mitchell Park amenities.

Another great aspect regarding these amenities is the quick return on investment when compared to larger, Olympic-style skate parks. After a short pre-fabrication process, the skate obstacles were installed at Mitchell Park in under 36 hours. Watch!


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