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‘Rides for the Res’ Tohono O’odham

This event was more than our usual giveback. Not only were there new complete skateboards, shoes and safety gear for those in attendance but a ramp build went down too!

With help from the Tohono O’odham skateboarders & community alike, the Hawkins Build Co. crew put in rapid work to construct a full sized mini ramp in only a day’s time! The ramp is a new sight amongst the forest of Saguaros on the west side of the Tohono O’odham reservation and we’re thankful we got to play our part in making it it happen!

We're grateful to Skatelite, Jake Medders, Alex Soto, Blake Manning, Jason at HLC Dist. The Churchill, Hawkins Build Co., Selina Jesus, Jacob and the Endure Crew for helping to make this a reality for the Gu Vo Community.


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